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Jun 18, 2011 3:30am PDT
16 million tourists come to san francisco last year. 50% of those tourists said they came to san francisco, the number one reason was to eat. that's eight million people coming here to eat. that's fantastic, but it underscores the importance of the industry we're talking about and making it more exciting especially around that convention area, as well, in the south of market, a more pleasurable dining experience, coffee experience with brunch, that's great for the city. it means they come back. it means they spend more money next time so we would encourage you and encourage the supervisor to expand the scope but really applaud his leadership and continue to support the legislation. thank you. president o'brien: thank you. any further public comment? sorry, i can't -- seeing none, we can take an action item on this, right? can we have a motion from one of my fellow commissioners? >> i motion to approve this ordinance but i'd like to motion that we approve it citywide including the south of market and westportal and pacific avenue. >> make that a recommendation? >> approving it, re
Jun 29, 2011 4:30am PDT
appealing clothe has made to the community of san francisco. mac has been a vibrant part of san francisco's family of locally owned retailers since 1980. mac is recognized by the s.b.c. as also being a retailer that supports and promotes local designers and in their new location, 50% of the goods in the yellow building will be made in san francisco. the auspatell family is active in the community, serving on the board of directors of paws and the creative growth center. mac and the auspa. family demonstrate the growth factor that small businesses provide to san francisco. [applause] >> thank you so much. and on behalf of my family, my mom, gerry, my sister, chris, we thank the commission for this recognition and only feel more invigorated to do more business and create more businesses in san francisco. thank you. >> can i add a couple of quick words, please? i want to thank you and acknowledge other small businesses that take risks and open businesses where others don't exist such as, the store on post street, when there was no stores in that area and your store popped up and really invig
Jun 28, 2011 4:30pm PDT
francisco again. that is the celebration of changing the world and our culture in san francisco. i am so thrilled to be able to do this. it is a week of celebration. thank you so much for being here. here is the flag. [applause] it usually takes two people. >> are you ok? >> yeah. >> all right. there you go. [applause] >> welcome to city hall. i will be in see today for the formal raising of the plight -- pride flag over san francisco. that was exciting. [applause] i never know what to wear. today, i thought i was going to be of the building, look like the building. some say i look like the first lady. i am not sure what that meant. i will take that job because it is less responsibility and get to travel around. i love dressing up and coming to city hall knowing where part of the city just as we are apart of city hall. this is a great crowd today. i have seen great improvements. the flag this year is new and crisp. the crowd is beautiful. everybody is organized. some of you dressed up and some of you did not. [laughter] that is okay. you are all welcome at city hall. before we do the for
Jun 29, 2011 6:00am PDT
department determines whether employers should be on the healthy san francisco. how'd you decide that? >> employers fill out a form. we ask the employer for the address of the employee, the name of the employee, telephone number, their date of birth, and if that employer has health insurance. we ask that information because help the san francisco -- healthy san francisco is designed for individuals who are uninsured, who lived in san francisco, and who are between 18 and 64. there are many individuals who work in san francisco who do not live in san francisco. many of those employers would not be eligible. in addition, because healthy san francisco is for individuals who are not insured, there are employers who use it to make supplemental expenditures above and beyond what they may choose for their employees. that individual would be ineligible for healthy san francisco. they would get an mra. finally, because it is for individuals between 18 and 64, if that employer was making contributions on behalf of someone under the age of 18 or over the age of 64, irrespective of their county o
Jun 14, 2011 4:30am PDT
of the methods for meeting the requirement is to speak to tangerine at healthy san francisco. in the three years the law has been in place, we have initiated a little over 300 enforcement investigations. there are different ways to look at bat. we have received hundreds of inquiries and have worked with employees and employers informally to ensure that employers are meeting the requirements of the law and employees are getting the benefits that are required. some complaints do not rise to the level of investigation. with respect to the enforcement law -- enforcement arm, between 304 hundred cases have been opened during this process. commissioner clyde: how long does it take to be reimbursed from a medical reimbursement account? >> it takes anywhere from three weeks to four weeks from submission. commissioner clyde: i have noticed that healthy san francisco has a wide ranging education campaign or advertising campaign. it is in neighborhood newspapers across san francisco. this is your goal to increase participation? >> our campaign is designed for individuals who are uninsured who may or may no
Jun 16, 2011 6:30pm PDT
an investment banker here in san francisco at thomas was all partners. working the industry for about five and a half years. in the summer of 2009, joined a venture capital firm. i am happily married. my wife and i lived around laurel village in district 2. we have two small children. our goal is five and our boy is three. how parents and excited to be here on the board. >> why did you choose to live in san francisco? and tell us about what motivated your interest in politics. >> choosing to live in san francisco was natural, given that i was born and raised here. when you are a child, you do not understand what you have until you leave home. i have the fortunate opportunity to live in los angeles and abroad in ireland and in philadelphia. there is no place like home in san francisco is your home. very natural and something was looking forward to in trying to find a job to come home to after law school. my job afforded me that opportunity, to come back to the bay area. so i'm lucky, and i will be here the rest of my life. in terms of getting into politics, for me, it was two reasons. first
Jun 13, 2011 8:00pm PDT
the impact that healthy san francisco would have on the local economy. those arguments were made repeatedly to argue against healthy san francisco. but the reality is that the parade of horribles that people anticipated did not occur. it did not occur even though there were many sacrifices that were made and continue to be made by businesses. people may want to the engage in that debate again, but that is not the point here. we have the program in place. this is about making sure that to the extent we are requiring employers to follow the rules, let us make sure the rules apply fully to everyone and there is a level playing field that protect the workers and protect other businesses who are doing what they were supposed to do. commissioner clyde: to that end, i agree with the intent absolutely. i just am very concerned about the implementation as this legislation is currently written, if it will disadvantage highroad employers who are complying and using these to comply. i would like more information about that. >> great. thank you very much. president o'brien: i will later, but i want to g
Jun 25, 2011 4:30pm PDT
not go down, especially given the high rates of methamphetamine use in san francisco. has been an important part of my recovery process and has accepted me for who i am and where i was at in my life experience. the feedbacks dole gives me is informative, non-judgmental, and non-support data. -- non-authoritative. we are allowed to voice our stories. all the staff are experienced in facilitating group discussions and with counseling clients regarding the dynamics of drug recovery in general. i have worked for several years with three counselors at stonewall. like a lot of gay men, i had a lot of other issues. specifically, i have some family issues. i had a horrific coming up experience. they kind of take on a therapeutic role, and because of that and because of my relationship with them, i have been able to transcend and find some resolution are around that. because i stay clean and maintain a several years long relationship with them, you're sort about to re-enter the workforce, and it is imperative for me that i continue that relationship. not only to stay clean, but to make
Jun 25, 2011 1:30pm PDT
of when they come to a horticultural institution. >> "wicked plants" is now showing at the san francisco conserve tore of flowers. unless next time, get out and play. >> welcome to this tiny little balcony. i am the acting city administrator. thank you. [applause] you may be wondering why someone who holds a job temporarily is co-hosting. i think is because i have announced by the lgbt community to hold this commission. [applause] i get the pleasure of meeting your here. we will move to the balcony. it will be much more professionally done than what i am doing. >> are we ready for the official flag raising? on behalf of the city, i have the distinct mayor as your plate -- mayor, and working with everyone here, and in celebration to let the world know what is happening in san francisco again. that is the celebration of changing the world and our culture in san francisco. i am so thrilled to be able to do this. it is a week of celebration. thank you so much for being here. here is the flag. [applause] it usually takes two people. >> are you ok? >> yeah. >> all right. there you go. [applaus
Jun 1, 2011 2:30pm PDT
on the weekend in may, carnaval. elena. >> thanks. on behalf of the san francisco cultural art trassdigs board of -- tradition board of directors, i'd like to thank everybody for being here today and it's been a lot of work but we're very happy to tell you that carnaval is very strong and we will be having a great carnaval this year on may 28 and may 29. but -- [speaking spanish] also the co-chair of the cultural arts committee and without our volunteers we could not have any of the events that we put out throughout the year. i would like to thank a lot of our volunteers, hopefully i don't leave anybody out. if i do, please excuse me. i'm going to put on my funny glasses. our president, check out his shoes. ok, so i would like to thank specifically monica and forest, two ladies in the back, i would like you to get up, please. these two ladies have been our life savers. they are always willing to volunteer for us for anything we ask them and we really thank you from the heart. we also like to thank janet. i saw her earlier. and also we would like to thank the pg&e, acknowledge the pg&e employee
Jun 6, 2011 5:00pm PDT
francisco that has been completed. there are a few more projects to be done. this is the last major one. san francisco is more safe than before these projects were done. there are a lot of projects that happened in district 11. the first was a tank replacement project that started a number of years ago. it is fitting we are in district 11 because we're finishing the major work on our program in district 11. we're happy to be joined by supervisor john avalos. he has been supportive of all of our programs and was a leader on having local jobs for people who need them. the work is happening to provide those jobs. in fact, at the end of this week, we will have six kids out worth $18 million that will help the new local hire ordinance legislation. we are certain the pilots for how to expand local hire. supervisor avalos? [applause] >> thank you. i want to congratulate you and the public utility commission, san francisco water, power, so were for your great work on this project and throughout the head ceci -- throughout the improvement program. we have projects being done across northern californi
Jun 3, 2011 8:30pm PDT
legislative branch separate from the executive branch of san francisco. that is the best way to do our work. people would not like the situation of having an acting mayor and president of the board of supervisors. >> now the dominoes in this chain of political events were falling day-by-day. the next day, january 8, new board members were sworn in. >> congratulations. [applause] >> and on monday, gavin newsom was finally sworn in as lieutenant governor of california. >> the duties upon which i am about to enter. [applause] >> the very next day, january 11, the new board of supervisors met for the first time, with the historic first decision of their new term. >> item 3 is a motion to ratify the appointment of a successor mayor due to the occurrence of a vacancy in the offense of a mayor expiring january 8, 2012. >> i am hoping for is, as we look forward to the confirmation of mr. lee, that we will also, leaving behind the kind of tactics that were used last week, that i thought really made the process feel more clumsy than it should have been. >> this is ed lee's day. i have said a
Jun 10, 2011 8:30pm PDT
to look too. >> and that is how san francisco government worked out the kinks, twists and turns, bombs in the road, to select its new interim mayor, ed lee. san francisco's first asian- american mayor. >> this has been an unprecedented and historic transition of power here in san francisco. i am so happy the board of supervisors came together to select an outstanding choice along many outstanding candidates to lead us over the next several years. >> over the past several months when this issue has come up, it had been agonizing. the board has been put into a difficult situation. there are a lot of differences of opinion on how to run the city, how to mass make a decision, who should be in place, 11 people to agree on that is a challenging thing. i think we have done the best we can do in the process, considering the difference of opinions. >> the people of san francisco can now choose their mayor, the direction they want to go. that is why this decision was so appropriate. >> the other big shock is that the moderates seem to have won this round. people thought, progressives have themse
Jun 26, 2011 3:00pm PDT
family of the city and county san francisco. i see the city attorney's office. i also want to thank neamayor lee. you have demonstrated you do care about the entirety of san francisco and are committed to making sure the choices made in san francisco in the government reflect the values of san francisco. on behalf of the lgbt community, i want to thank you for being responsive to our needs. we continue to be committed to working with you. thank you very much for being here. happy pride, everyone. [applause] it is my honor to call upon my colleague from district 8. it was not planned that we would have three graduates of harvard law to speak in the event. it is my colleague from district 8. i am proud to be able to work with him on the board of supervisors. he is one of two lgbt members -- as one of two lgbt members on the board, it is important we work together. scott wiener. >> i could tell you stories of them from law school, but i will not. it is great to work with david to fight for our community, hiv funding. supervisor campos and i were at a regional transportation meeting. a
Jun 4, 2011 9:00pm PDT
a background in politics on both sides of the day here in san francisco and oakland. i have done fund-raising for different candidates. i have work experience with the federal reserve bank of san francisco. i am most proud of the work i have done for myself. i started a business called power forward, a social media and public policy consulting firm. >> why did you choose to return and live in san francisco? what motivated you to run? >> what motivated me was my love of san francisco. i see the changes that are happening. i see people picking cans out of the garbage. i see that there is no neighborhood grocery store. i see that small businesses are coming and going. they have not been able to sustain themselves. from my work experience in working for the city come in the mayor's office and in the nonprofit, i had a good sense of what the challenges were. as i looked on the horizon, i see more challenges coming. i thought i had a set of experiences and a passion and desire to serve. it started at 1 point when i was 8 years old. i took a tour here with my third grade class of city hall.
Jun 30, 2011 8:30am PDT
this, but i want to make sure i get it right. the city and county of san francisco recognizes that energy use in buildings is the single largest contributor to the city and county of san francisco's carbon footprints. therefore, the san francisco department of the environment has brought together two sets of stakeholders to advise the city on building with energy issues. the first is the renewable task force. the second of which, we, the undersigned are members is the energy independence advisory pafpblet as advocacy organizations and businesses connected to the property, buildings and energy industries, we have focused on energy use, particularly natural gas use in buildings, and energy efficiency in green buildings. our main discussion was the need for discussion among stakeholders in the economy, academics, building scientists, tenants, policymakers, and property owners and managers. inceased access to the latest research and information about energy efficiency and green building and the financial benefits would boost the energy efficiency sector through more effective gree
Jun 24, 2011 11:00am PDT
parents passed away in georgia, i moved to san francisco to deal with my depression. shortly after i moved out here, i found out i was hiv-positive. i went into depression again. i started seeking support groups in the community. it was a hard struggle, but after last january, i discovered this shelter. i can tell you, from that point on, i feel like it is a second, new family, here in the city. this past week, i was able to start the new life program. i can tell you, without these programs, i would be completely devastated. so i am begging you all to find it in your hearts and budget to keep the program alive and available. you do not know how much it means to me. thank you for your time. supervisor chu: thank you. >> good morning, supervisors. my name is brad late. i am an elected member of sfciu , and i want you to hold the line on our costs. san francisco takes great pride in leading the counties of california in developing the home care movement. there has been a movement to save and provide for the public, and more efficient home-based care. it saves the city person and is better for
Jun 5, 2011 12:00am PDT
>> welcome to art in store fronts. i am director of postal affairs for the san francisco art commission. it is my pleasure to welcome you and the artists, the community partners, the vendors, and folks in san francisco for this launch. [applause] i want to start by thanking -- we had a long list because this has been a great production, so you have to bear with me. we want to start by thanking the john's brothers piano company -- the johns brothers piano company. we want to thank the d.c. piano company from berkeley for providing the piano for tonight's launch. [applause] last year, we got a fabulous grant to help make a really significant investment throughout the year, and we launched what is called the artery project. it is a pun for all the different ways that market street works for us. it is a major summer program for the city, and at the same time, we have been using the arts to reinvigorate and reconnect people with this fabulous commercial and civic thoroughfare, so the artery project launched this year. today's are in store fronts is part of that initiative -- art i
Jun 5, 2011 2:30pm PDT
lee: good morning, everyone. good morning, san francisco. it is great to see you here this morning. i would ask before we get started today, if you would join me in a moment of silence for the people of japan who have been so tragically impacted by the disastrous earthquake and tsunami there. if we could have a moment of silence please. thank you very much. good morning. welcome to the 2011 bay area council outlook conference. we have an outstanding agenda for you today. we have been doing this for seven years. every one of these has been very exciting. i think the program we put together is an extremely robust and eclectic program. i think we are all going to learn something. it is a place for action as well. the whole history taking place here, and outlook that results in real action out in the environment. we are really excited about the discussions that will take place today. they will be thought-provoking. i would be remiss if i did not remind everyone to please turn off your cellphone ringers so we do not have any distractions. there is one exception to that rule, and that would
Jun 15, 2011 2:00pm PDT
>> san francisco is home to a renowned civic art collection that includes a comic works -- iconic works by local and national artists integrated into our public buildings and six basis. the arts commission has struggled to take care of the priceless collection because of limited resources. in an effort to gather more funding for the maintenance of the collection, the art commission has joined forces with the san francisco art dealers association to establish art care, a new initiative that provides a way for the public to get involved. the director of public affairs recently met with the founder and liquor -- local gallery owner to check out the first art care project. ♪ >> many san franciscans are not aware that there is a civic art collection of numbers almost 4000 works of art. preserving the collection and maintaining it is something being addressed by a new program called art care. it is a way for citizens to participate in the preservation of the civic art collection. with me is the creator of the art care program. welcome. the reason we wanted to interview you is that the
Jun 5, 2011 3:00pm PDT
invited to join us on the third thursday. today, we have a special program about san francisco's neighborhoods geology. we have frank, the geotechnical engineer who will walk us through a lot of this. we also have an architect who knows a lot about the history of the city. he keeps his eyes open and has a lot of information to share. we also have the chief building inspector. we are going to go through this by having frank give us a brief overview of the geology of sentences go. then we're going to look at a series of slides around the city. and see how the geology of the city affects the environment. their special problems and issues that arise we will try to answer questions as we go, particularly related to how the environment release to the underlying geology of the city. those are questions that rarely get asked. this is a chance for you to join us and ask your questions as well. welcome, frank. i see that you brought a big aerial photograph with overly geology. >> it is a big google map with overly geology. the different colors depict the different formations or deposits
Jun 15, 2011 1:00pm PDT
birds and san francisco's famous skyline. >> in the line between that is so natural, you can see birds and be in complete wilderness. i really like that about this. you could maybe get a little snapshot of what they are expecting. >> it is an interactive, keck sculpture that is interacted with by the visitor. >> they are a lot about and they fall down the belt. it moves the belt up, and if you turn that faster, the butterflies fall in the move of words. >> the art reflect the commission's commitment to acquiring the best work from the bay area and beyond. in addition to the five new commissions, 20 artworks that were already in the airport collection were reinstalled. some of which were historically cited in the terminal. it includes major sculptures by the international artists. as a collection, these art works tell the story of the vibrant arts scene in the early 1960's through the mid-1980s's. the illustrate san francisco's cultural center and a place of innovation that is recognized and the love throughout the world. one of the highlights is a series of three left tapestries. they
Jun 23, 2011 5:30am PDT
needed services and also childcare to san francisco and specifically in the western addition. we believe that this would provide more children with the opportunity to receive the essential foundation for school readiness, long-term check achievements and a range of possible social and emotional outcomes that research has shown preschool does provide. this is especially true for underserved young children that may be a part of this new booker t. washington childcare center. many over, a core component is is creating a core community that values different life experiences and we believe it would bring important diversity to the neighborhood. thus we urge your support of the project. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> hello, board. i'm john chapman. i'm here to approve -- got nervous. i'm sorry. i'm going to speak from my heart, honest limit i was homeless for about a year and y'all should approve this because it gives children and people my age a chance to honestly better themselves. if you do not approve this puts more people on the street and more foster child children just like
Jun 23, 2011 10:30am PDT
-use approvals as they started to expand their presence in san francisco. supervisor kim: thank you. >> i also worked for public agencies doing community outreach work. i worked on high-speed rail project and that kind of stuff. supervisor farrell: that was my line of questioning also. supervisor kim: thank you. next we have jenny lam. >> a good morning, supervisors. thank you for the opportunity to share with you my interest and passion for serving on the redistricting task force. i have lived in san francisco for 14 years with the majority of those years of levin -- living in district 8. i am a proud at san francisco public school parent and committed to raising our family here in the city. san francisco is our home. as you see from my application, i have dedicated my professional life to working in the community with a variety of backgrounds working directly in social- service programs, to education, women's rights, advocacy and policy. i am the director of community relations at chinese affirmative-action and i'm proud of our work last year around the census. we were one of the leading org
Jun 22, 2011 7:30am PDT
the restaurant association had sued the city to try to stop the implementation of healthy san francisco. we have drafted this carefully to make sure we follow the clear guidelines the ninth circuit court has faced. while we do not have the right to dictate the specifics of these accounts, we do have the right to define an expenditure. we are simply saying that when we mean expenditure we mean the lemon's definition of that. expenditure -- the lame man fifth definition of that. the use of these -- the layman's definition of that. i would like to see expansion of these accounts, but i am against expansion on the back of the workers or other businesses, their competitors, that are following the rules. i am also against expansion on the backs of consumers, who are making these statements when they go to a restaurant in san francisco. thank you. commissioner kasselman: i guess i just, to follow up on that, 7% of businesses are using the hra's. we have 4000 businesses resurveyed. -- we surveyed. who is using those? , many of those businesses would even know if they are not -- how many of those busines
Jun 24, 2011 9:00pm PDT
same sex marriages not a second time any. in contrast, in san francisco, this is what we can do, add up all these computers here. expand our capacity by x. we can open up early. stay open late and on weekends. it's unbelievable and we coordinate all the training and get all through the process and make sure everything is signed and certified. that's a model for others. what happens is, when people prove things can be done. it raises the bar for what's possible. >> i think a lot of people were here from 2004 and they knew what that was like and wanted to take part in 2008. i think people really again, you know, stepped up and really put out their best that anybody could do in very short amount of time and literally, i think we pulled this together in 2 weeks. we put in long hours to make this all happen. >> hello. welcome to "meet your district supervisor." we are here with supervisor cohen from district 10. she started her first term in january, so she is new to the board. we will get to know her and talk about the toughest issues facing the city. welcome, supervisor. thank you
Jun 6, 2011 3:00am PDT
agency is leading. the san francisco transportation plan as a 25-year policy and investment strategy. it is a strategic document that we used to advocate for sentences cut transportation priorities. one of the coal areas is to contribute to a healthy environments. and we look forward to using the action strategy as a starting point for analyzing the benefits and trade-offs. the analysis is a great starting point, but there is still more work to do where more strategies might center drives. or where strategies and benefits might overlap. we will take on this worked as a part of the transportation plan and consider the strategies in terms of the other transportation goals and needs. we look forward to working with you. thank you. supervisor campos: the key to themta, ta -- thank you to the mta, the ta, and the departments. why don't we open it up to public comment? public comment is closed. supervisor campohiu, i dunno ifu wanted to add anything. supervisor chiu: i have been doing double duty, but we all agree that we have to -- i think the 2035 time frame is too long. i know we're wor
Jun 18, 2011 5:30pm PDT
the teams here on behalf of san francisco. we appreciate your competition, your entry into this race. mr. birth, mr. murray, thank you for your leadership on this. we are excited about this to no end. after monday's ride on that a slower sailboat, being passed by id ac -- by the ac 45's, it was really exhilarating. i have been tried to think about how to explain this sport to a novice. as i was thinking about the ac 45's, and as they were crossing the us, and as i saw the teams on that boat, doing everything they had to do to keep the sales in place, to keep balance, i can only think of two other analogous sports. at least on the 45's, and i expect it will be as dramatic as on the 72's, you need the ability of a professional basketball player to be able to function. you have to have the precise this of a 40 niner super bowl team in order to do well. then you also have to have the execution of a world series giants seemed to be able to win the competition. with all of that, i know all of these skills will be necessary for each of these teams to be able to compete well. and to be on a fast
Jun 4, 2011 12:30pm PDT
the infrastructure and affordable housing, but not until i said that target was coming to san francisco did she think that i was actually doing something when i went to work every day. so, thank you. [applause] >> thank you all. i would like to invite the speakers to get a hardhat, goggles, and a mallet, and join us by this post. >> one, two, three. [applause] >> thank you very much for coming this morning and welcome to the rededication of the reservoir. we are happy to be here today. this represents one of the milestones in our project. we are happy to share this with you. this reservoir has been empty the last two years and today, you will hear the sound of water rushing to fill it again. it makes the city safer, provides water for customers, for firefighters, for after an earthquake. we will be updating our systems. this was originally built in 1885. 125 years old. it takes care of a good part of san francisco, places lower than this. it is an incredibly important part of our system in san francisco. it was a $39 million project and it came in under budget. we are doing it effectively and efficie
Jun 26, 2011 5:00pm PDT
. >> gis is used in the city of san francisco to better support what departments do. >> you imagine all the various elements of a city including parcels and the critical infrastructure where the storm drains are. the city access like the traffic lights and fire hydrants. anything you is represent in a geo graphic space with be stored for retrieval and analysis. >> the department of public works they maintain what goes on in the right-of-way, looking to dig up the streets to put in a pipe. with the permit. with mapping you click on the map, click on the street and up will come up the nchgz that will help them make a decision. currently available is sf parcel the assessor's application. you can go to the assessor's website and bring up a map of san francisco you can search by address and get information about any place in san francisco. you can search by address and find incidents of crime in san francisco in the last 90 days. we have [inaudible] which allows you to click on a map and get nchldz like your supervisor or who your supervisor is. the nearest public facility. and through the
Jun 13, 2011 6:30pm PDT
,000 businesses in san francisco. 4000 of those are over 20 employees. those are the 4000, approximately, that are subject to this law. we have data from about 3000. so we think it is relatively good-quality sampling of the employer community. i will note that there is a different health care expenditure rate that applies to businesses between 20 and 99 employees, medium-sized employees -- medium-sized businesses. this ordinance declines those as medium-sized businesses. large businesses are those with 100 or more employees, and different expenditure rates replied -- apply to those. approximately half the reporters to us are medium-sized. have are the large size. the first way to broadly understand how these employers were making health care expenditures was the total dollars spent. supervisor campos alluded to this. 90% of all the health care data -- health care dollars are allocated to group health insurance plans. 3% son was allocated to the city option, the health the san francisco program, and at 7% was allocated to reimbursement plans. we can answer follow up questions. andres powe
Jun 23, 2011 11:00am PDT
know, the city of san francisco has had a major graffiti abatement process for many years. an inordinate amount of money was being spent by the department of public works to remove the graffiti. we're talking about in the order of anywhere between 16 million and $20 million per year was going on for this. ed reskin and i came up with an alternative, more preventive way to address this problem, instead of just responding all the time to what graffiti vandals were doing. so we developed a joint project, which dpw awarded to west $20 millious $20 million per year ta component where young people in the early grades are taught the difference between creating in the public space with permission and creating in the public space without. what are the consequences of that for a neighborhood? there are 15 schools, public schools in the city that participate in this program. we then have the one that you just referred to, supervisor chiu, is a city called street smart. they're weak partner with private property owners who, as you know, if their private property is graffitied and they
Jun 5, 2011 5:00am PDT
and residents while they rotate through san francisco general will be the same as they are at ucsf. they will be at the same wage rate. >supervisor campos: why don't we open up to public comment? we will have to limit public comment to 2 minutes. if you have comment, please come forward on this item. >> good morning, supervisors. i worked at san francisco general hospital for 20 years. i would like to thank the mayor for sponsoring this item. i would like to thank this committee for hearing at this morning. especially as item number one. i would like to credit sentences -- the "san francisco examiner" for the recent front-page stories that dealt with this subject specifically. they pointed out by sleep that the city and county of san francisco and the department's public health would have to pay a few extra million dollars per year in order to carry out this agreement. from my 20 years at san francisco general, i'm all in favor -- all in favor of improvements at the hospital. i feel certain people have been taken advantage of for a long time. something like this is way overdue. i w
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